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Dr. Tracy is a wonderful chiropractor and the staff here is fantastic. I’ve experienced a lot of pain relief since beginning Chiropractic Care. I’m very grateful that I found them.


As the name says HEALING HANDS, Dr. Tracy indeed has healing hands. She will heal you!! She’s the best and would highly recommend her!! Being a physical therapist, I strongly believe a person needs to be aligned before you start the strengthening exercises!! You will be in the best, safe, healing hands


If you need a Chiropractor. Tracy is the one to see. The pain I had between 1-10 my was a 20. Six months later no pain and very flexible. I have severe arthritis. Know one can heal that but the pain has been gone for 4 weeks now even in bad weather. Tracy is the one to see


Good Friday morning, I have a testimonial: You all know I can not say enough wonderful things about Dr. Tracy and everyone at Healing Hands here’s another reason to visit the office. I had been suffering from the symptoms of an awful cold this week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday I felt like I’d be sick ForEver. I arrived for my regular Wed walk in appointment and told Doc. of my symptoms. She said “I’ll fix it 😉”. she adjusted my back, neck, (all usual) then Dr Tracy pushed, and pulled my face around my nose, forehead, and jaw…. and like a miracle I could Breath, and have been clear since, able to rest/sleep, much better. That treatment, was Sooo much better than any OTC cold/flu treatment I could buy. Got a cold feeling lousey, go see Dr.Tracy SHE’LL FIX IT!!


Dr. Tracy is phenomenal. She cares about each patient like an individual and looks at overall health, body and mind.


You guys are great as always! I’m always glad to be here!


I usually leave feeling better- my mood is usually upbeat


I love Dr. Tracy! She really listens and is truly passionate about her job and patients. She cares and that means everything.


Chiropractic adjustments work!!! Tracy is amazing, makes you so much more aware of your body, the good and bad things we can do to improve.


Working with this team has allowed me to walk more than a block without being in extreme pain, looking forward to continuing to be able to do much more again in my life without pain.


Dr. Tracy is wonderful! She is an excellent doctor. She made me feel comfortable and she answered all of my questions. It’s been a long time since i have been to a knowledgeable Doctor. I am out of pain and I feel great! The one thing that I feel that makes second to none is on the first visit, she called me later that day to check to see if I was ok, and how I was feeling. Very professional, I don’t think any other doctor does that anymore.


Thanks to coming here it has changed my every day daily life by being adjusted by Tracy


Dr. Tracy is amazing. I thought with arthritis, I would have to live with the pain, But I don’t.


Tracy has helped me far longer than I thought could be possible. I cannot imagine life without her and her treatments. She has made a personal commitment to make me comfortable. You can’t find that in many places or from many people. I feel blessed because of her treatment.


Without the care I get I know I would have had at least one operation on the three missing discs in my neck. If that happens it could be worse and that is a gamble I’m not willing to take. I am so grateful for “healing hands” (Tracy) to have been taking care of me and allowing me the quality of life I possess


Dr. Malton is different from other DC’s I’ve seen. She is thorough gets to the root of the problem, and really listens. I feel so much better after seeing her.


Everything they are all great and know what they are doing and talking about never felt better


Dr. Tracy has been a lifesaver at the end of my pregnancy! My lower back hurt so much I could barely walk. When my doctor suggested seeing a chiropractor I was VERY hesitant – I mean, chiropractors work on your back, how much could they do with my giant baby bump in the way? I was so pleasantly surprised! Dr. Tracy is so knowledgeable about pregnancy and the struggles mom goes through, I was immediately impressed! I also loved her natural approach to everything. After my first adjustment I was able to walk fine and my back pain was gone. Everyone in the office is amazing and friendly. I’m so happy I chose Healing Hands!


Very personable and skilled care. Takes time to listen to your concerns and strives to explain how your treatment will get your spine in alignment so the cause of your discomfort is treated, not just your symptoms


My neck was frozen and I was unable to hold my head up over my shoulders. I went to Tracy because I started working out at the “y” and could only straighten my back out to a certain point, and I just could not straighten up. After the first session, she loosened my neck so that now I have a great deal more mobility and flexibility in my back. I’ve seen her work on the youngest patients as young as 3 yrs old and also on many aging seniors. She is gentle and effective as well as friendly and helpful.


The service and care here is fantastic! You are all great and I love coming here.


You guys are great!


Dr. Tracy is amazing-her personality and obvious caring nature is so appreciated and really helps me to get through my mystery pain, when other medical fields have failed to help my symptoms at all. Chiropractic works!


Doc Tracy is a very knowledgeable, caring, funny professional who put me at ease enabling her to make adjustments necessary to relieve the pain that was preventing me from enjoying life. Thank you, Doc Tracy!


Truly feel better after every treatment, unfortunately I am old and broken. Had i started with chiropractor care earlier in life, I suspect i would be a lot better off. Suggest more Healing Hands for longer periods of time.


Dr. Tracy and staff are awesome!


Love Dr. Tracy


Fast, friendly service


Keep up the good work. Your office is very caring and helpful. I feel very safe and comfortable here.


I love the treatment I’m getting. Everyone is warm, welcoming and knowledgeable and willing to help. Dr. Tracy is amazing & kind. I am so happy my friend referred me over to her. I have seen much improvement! Thanks to All.


Dr. Tracy and her staff are wonderful to work with. Dr. Tracy is caring and makes each visit a comfortable experience.


Dr. Tracy is so good, I recommend her to everyone for better health


Healing Hands is an amazing source of well-being. The care of Dr. Tracy Malton can not only correct misalignments (in my case it was a rib out of place for two decades) but also help to maintain overall health and wellness! We’re not taught to expect to feel good in our bodies but, in truth, good health is actually our natural baseline. Since 2016, regular visits have kept me on track and helped me to overcome the physical effects of stress and improved my nervous system. I’m so grateful for the care and support I receive there- and for all the ways chiropractic care helps me physically and mentally.


Dr. Tracy Malton and her staff are fantastic! The office is clean and everyone is very friendly. Dr. Malton has a warm presence and explains everything in an easy to understand way. I highly recommend her and this office! They truly care about the wellbeing of their patients.


Excellent caring people, friendly place excellent healing hands.


Absolutely love coming to Dr. Tracy! Such a comfortable, welcoming environment and I leave feeling so much better!


Healing Hands Chiropractic treats the whole person and uses education and manual adjustments to achieve optimum wellness. gives great hugs


I am amazed that I am doing better in only 1 1/2 months. I am also decrease narcotic meds and this has helped me deal with the pain through the difficult time. I feel so much better. Very pleased. Thank you!


The level of care is top notch from everyone in the office.


Keep up the great work! Thank you for treating us like (better) than family.


Don’t change a thing! Best Team Ever!!!


The quality of care has been great.


Tracy does great work on body.


I have been able to enjoy this pregnancy because since i started coming to the chiropractor I haven’t experienced a horrible pain in my lower back or my buttock. I am able to do my daily chores.


Keep up the amazing job – all three of you!


I love this place. I drive from New Haven to come here. Highly recommend to others.


Dr. Malton has continued to be harmonious in the road to recover my health. I believe she is a true healer in every sense of the word. Her constant care has been a gift. I just Love her


I have gotten much more than my back “cracked”. 🙂 Dr. Malton gave me hope in healing my spine through adjustments that I did not know was possible! She taught me about the importance of preventative care and the body’s ability to heal itself 🙂 and gave me a healthy dose of positivity each visit (which is just what I really needed in my life right now). My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner! Dr. Tracy Malton, you are sent from up above.


Hesitant to say but asthma is gone?! No inhaler since Nov 2015